It's happened: our homelessness funding has been cut

Here's what happens now

Funding for homelessness services in Kent has been cut.

The loss of £1m annual funding from Kent County Council has put the future of our hostels at risk. It has also forced us to scale back other work we do, such as homelessness prevention and supporting people via our helpline.

Despite this, we've been overwhelmed by the public's support. More than 600 people made donations, which will buy us some precious extra time to continue the fight for long-term funding.

We know this isn’t the position Kent County Council wanted to be in. But the truth is that they are facing extreme financial challenges. We hoped that by now, central government would have stepped in. In fact, Kent County Council has asked MPs for more help to protect vulnerable people facing homelessness.

We're working hard to find new sources of income and are calling on the government to provide fully-funded support for people facing homelessness in Kent. We won’t give up working towards a safer home, better life and fairer future for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who has made donations and offered words of support. We will provide updates as the situation progresses.