Philip's story: "There's help out there you might not know about"

We helped him escape an unsuitable living situation

When you live with a mental health condition, escaping an unsuitable living situation can seem impossible.

This is what was happening to Philip, 64, who felt trapped in a private-rented flat that was dirty and in a state of disrepair. Struggling to make contact with his landlord, he began to feel there was no way out.

The NHS mental health team that supports Philip grew concerned about the effect this was having on him.

“I wanted to leave really badly but didn’t know how to get out,” he recalls. “I thought I would be too old to get help so shut myself off from everyone instead. I would take my medication early every evening just so I could get to sleep and forget my situation.”

Philip was referred to Porchlight and we helped him move into a more suitable council flat closer to his family.

My support worker Mark went above and beyond for me

“My support worker Mark went above and beyond for me,” says Philip.

“I was quite far down the waiting list for a new council flat but he liaised with them and the mental health team, explaining the effect my living conditions were having on me and speeding up the process.”

Moving home has really benefitted Philip’s health. He’s regaining his confidence, his mental health is improving and the future is looking brighter.

“If you’re struggling like I was, contact Porchlight. There’s help out there that you might not know about.”