Tyde's story: "I now feel more confident as myself"

He was supported by our BeYou service for LGBT+ young people

Tyde, 20, was assigned female at birth but is in the process of transitioning to male.

He was a few months into hormone replacement therapy when he learned about The BeYou Project - our service that provides safe spaces and support for LGBT+ young people - a few years ago.

“I experience anxiety, but having a safe environment where I can make friends with others from the LGBT+ community has helped me feel more comfortable. I felt so cooped up before and didn’t realise how much I wasn’t talking to people. I felt unable to express myself publicly, but now I feel more confident going outside as myself. It also reassured me that I wasn’t the only LGBT+ person where I lived.”

There is no pressure for young people to discuss LGBT+ related issues until they feel ready to at our BeYou meet-ups. Tyde says the atmosphere helped him to recharge, adding: “I enjoy that it’s about being yourself, socialising and relaxing as anything else. If you want to talk about something you’re going through, you can - but there’s no pressure.”

Tyde sometimes turns to our BeYou team for advice about transitioning. On several occasions he has spoken with BeYou worker Graysen, who has similar experiences.

“The team have been really good at supporting me. I was a bit worried about some elements of the transition process, but if I sent an email I’d always get a response really quickly.”

Tyde has made new friends at the BeYou meet-ups and has begun helping others by becoming a BeYou volunteer.

“BeYou has given me a lot and I want to give something back because some young people don’t have any other place to be themselves.”

Porchlight runs The BeYou Project because LGBT+ young people are disproportionately affected by homelessness. By putting the right support in place, we can ensure they feel included, have positive mental health and a bright future.

If you’d like to know more, visit The BeYou website.