Vicki's story: "Without Porchlight, I don't know where I'd be"

We helped after a relationship breakdown left her homeless

“I never thought it would happen to me,” says the former NHS worker and mother of three.

Vicki lost her job, home and family – a result of anxiety and depression she developed due to the split.

“Ongoing issues with my mental health eventually ran me into the ground. As a result, I lost my job as a rehabilitation support worker and was evicted from the flat I’d been renting.”

Vicki would spend the next three years homeless. She’d had a decade-long career helping people, but when she needed help none was forthcoming.

When we came into contact with Vicki, she was living in a tent and had hit rock bottom.

I was hidden away but my tent was still regularly vandalised and my things were often stolen. I had been a professional woman, but now all my confidence and self-belief had disappeared.

We found Vicki somewhere safe and secure to live in one of our hostels.

“I was elated when they showed me my room. At last someone realised I needed support and was willing to help me.”

Vicki’s life has transformed since staying with us. With our help she has rebuilt her confidence, reconnected with her children and enrolled on a college counselling course. Recently, she moved into a home of her own.

“Porchlight helped me realise I am worthy of doing the things I want to do. I’d like to become a qualified counsellor and work for them so I can give something back. Without Porchlight, I don’t know where I’d be.”