Volunteering with Porchlight

"It's a great feeling to know you've helped someone"

Taxi driver Mark has been volunteering for us since 2012. He has spent time assisting people on the street with our rough sleeper street team, working with adults who’ve become isolated as part of our community inclusion team, and carrying out home visits as part of our GP liaison service which looks to take the strain off GPs by tackling some of the underlying reasons for stress and anxiety.

“I’ve volunteered for some other organisations, but Porchlight is my favourite to work with. Everyone’s friendly and kind, and the work you do is really rewarding. What’s more, I’ve worked with people who keep me informed about what’s happening with the people you’re supporting. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve helped get someone off the streets.”

"It will change your life and someone else's"

Sarah has been working here for several years, but it was six months of volunteering that led to her joining the team. She started out volunteering one day a week but found herself enjoying it so much that she increased to two and eventually became a full-time volunteer, managing to get experience of several Porchlight services.

“It was great knowing that you could make a difference to someone’s life – whether it’s getting them involved with something they want to do or just speaking with them. It was very rewarding and I felt like my time was valued. I would recommend volunteering for Porchlight to anybody. It really is something that, if you feel it’s for you, will change your life and will change someone else’s too.”

"I get so much out of volunteering"

Adam’s been helping us support people who are sleeping rough and fits volunteering around his job as a project manager for an IT firm. He goes out with our staff once a week. They spend a couple of hours checking in on rough sleepers, working with them to find suitable accommodation and addressing any other needs.

“I get so much out of volunteering with Porchlight and it is something I look forward to doing every week. I have been in my job for 30 years so this has been a great chance to add something new into my routine. I’m learning a lot about homelessness and how to approach people who are sleeping rough. If you have empathy and want to do something to improve society, giving up your time like this is the best thing you can do.”