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Unseen. Unsafe.

Homeless women in Kent need our support.

Rough sleeping is dangerous for everyone but women experiencing homelessness face frightening risks of violence and abuse.

Our report Seeing the Unseen found that homeless women live in fear of being attacked, exploited or worse. As a result, they try to stay hidden and are less likely to connect with the people that can help.

Covid-19 has posed an even more urgent threat for female rough sleepers and women at risk of homelessness.

With lockdown measures in place and escape routes cut off, the risk of serious harm from domestic abuse has risen. Many women are trapped in unsafe homes facing a stark choice between homelessness or staying with their abuser.

Some are forced to live on the streets, others become the ‘hidden homeless’ - out of sight in squats or sofa surfing with family and friends. But the pressures of lockdown have ended these temporary arrangements for many and women have been forced to adopt more risky strategies such as staying with people they barely know, just to keep a roof over their heads.

Because of what they’ve been through, many homeless women have very complex needs but trauma from past experiences and trust issues can prevent them from seeking the healthcare and support they need.

Covid-19 has made things even worse. Pressures on the system are disrupting services and preventing further barriers for women who desperately need help.

Since appointing our women’s services development manager and two specialist workers for women, we’ve been improving the services we provide.

We’ve launched a ‘rapid rehousing fund’ which enables us to help women into safe accommodation quickly so they can escape the dangers of life on the streets.

But for every woman we help, we know there are more who urgently need our support. Join the campaign to find out more and help women in Kent have a safe place to call home.

Your donation can help us make sure homeless women in Kent have access to safe accommodation quickly. Please give what you can to help us reach more vulnerable women who desperately need support.