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An open letter to party leaders: address the homelessness crisis

More than 50 charities and housing organisations are calling for change

20 June, 2024


Ensuring everyone can vote in the general election

How to register and what to do on election day

05 June, 2024


General election: we're campaigning for a fairer future

The voices of people experiencing poverty, and inequality in health and housing, must be heard

23 May, 2024


New government plans to penalise benefit claimants are dangerous

People need to be helped, not punished

19 April, 2024

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The Home Secretary's plans to penalise homelessness are cruel

She says rough sleeping is a 'lifestyle choice' and wants to crack down on tents

06 November, 2023

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Latest government budget doesn't address cost of living crisis

It will do little do ease people's concerns

18 November, 2022

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Homelessness services are having their funding cut... the government must act

We spoke to the National Housing Federation about the challenges ahead

17 November, 2022

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What the cost of living crisis means for people in Kent

People have impossible choices between heating and eating

15 March, 2022

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Government Budget doesn’t go far enough to help struggling households

The lack of support means they face a very bleak winter

29 October, 2021