“Before I met Porchlight I was in debt with no way out” – David’s story

We’re helping him get back on his feet

David is no stranger to skipping meals and leaving his electricity and heating off.

We’re helping him to rebuild his life and keep a roof over his head. His story is worryingly similar to many people we support who’ve been affected by the cost of living crisis.

The 60-year-old used to restore antiques but lost his job in 2018. He was searching for work when the pandemic hit. Its effects on his mental health left him feeling too anxious to attend job interviews.

His mental health worsened as the cost of living begin to rise. The Universal Credit payments David relies on to survive were no longer enough to live off.

He began skipping meals and falling behind on energy bill payments.

“Before I met Porchlight I was in debt with no way out. I was depressed and not talking to anyone. I didn’t heat my home during winter and would keep warm by getting into bed in the mid-afternoon.”

David reached out to us for help at the recommendation of his Universal Credit coach who could see something was wrong.

Our community mental health team is now helping David to turn things around.

We spoke to the electricity, gas and water companies on his behalf and have arranged manageable repayment plans for his debts. We’ve also been helping him to improve his mental health so he’s in a position to get back into work.

“I’m being brought back to the person I used to be.”