"Living on the streets makes you feel hopeless."

Ben said our support helped him feel human again

"I spent two horrendous years living in a tent, with no one around who cared.

"Before that I had a good job. Life was on track. Then my parents became unwell. I moved home to care for them. Everything fell apart.

"My dad passed away; my mum became seriously ill. Our house was sold to pay for her care.

I was left with nothing – a tent was my only possession.

"When Porchlight first found me, everything felt hopeless. But they didn’t give up – not just giving me a roof over my head but encouraging me as I learned to trust people again.

"They found me somewhere of my own to live, helped me find counselling and the support network I’d been missing for so many years.

"I felt I was cared for as a human being. I finally felt ready to make a change. Now my future is now full of hope. I can’t thank them enough.”

Will you make a gift today and help someone like Ben who is homeless this winter?