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Ensuring people don’t miss out on the Covid vaccine

Work is underway to get people who are homeless vaccinated

Work is underway to ensure that people Porchlight supports are offered the Covid vaccine.

We know that lots of rough sleepers and people in our properties are on the vaccination priority list because of health issues they experience.

On Friday (12 March), we worked with councils and other organisations (including those in the Kent Homeless Connect network which also includes Porchlight) to get rough sleepers to vaccination sites across Kent. We provided travel arrangements for anyone that needs help getting to a vaccination site, and our staff were be onsite providing drinks and food.

We also opened the doors of our homelessness properties so that residents, who are classed as vulnerable, could be vaccinated.

This work was largely possible because the last month has been spent ensuring rough sleepers are registered with a GP and have up-to-date contact information. A database has been created to keep track of who’s been vaccinated and the possibility of a roving vaccine service for people who are homeless is also being explored.

Our community mental health teams, who support people that may be cut off or isolated from others, are also making sure that everyone is registered with a GP and have up-to-date contact information.