Government spending plan doesn't tackle causes of homelessness

5 September 2019

The government says it’s committed to ending homelessness – but its latest spending plan does little to inspire confidence.

Although more money has been pledged to help tackle rough sleeping, it’s extremely concerning that the spending plan fails to address the root causes.

Local Housing Allowance rates – which are used to calculate housing benefit – no longer cover the basic cost of living which means people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads.

The cost of private rent is too high for people on low incomes. The government must address this by introducing rent reforms and investing in more social housing, but has instead chosen to concentrate on a policy of home ownership.

Ultimately, the only way we’re going to see an end to the UK’s homelessness crisis is through continued, strategic investment from central government to address the causes of rough sleeping and the political will to address the drastic loss of social housing.

Without this, nothing will change and people will continue to end up on the streets.