More support for LGBT+ young people in Kent

Advice groups for LGBT+ people who are religious, BAME or under 12

LGBT+ young people who are religious or from an ethnically diverse background can now get extra support from Porchlight.

We also now offer support around gender identity for under-12s and their families.

Many young people in Kent don't know where to turn for advice and guidance on LGBT+ related issues. This can become even more complicated if a young person’s cultural background conflicts with their LGBT+ identity.

The BeYou Project - our service for LGBT+ young people in Kent - has launched new support groups to help everyone feel themselves in the communities they are part of.

We all have different aspects to our identity and it’s important that these are recognised equally.

Our new support groups

All of new our BeYou meet-ups are held online, meaning that people from Kent’s large LGBT+ community can get help and advice while safely meeting new people with similar experiences.

Faith group

We believe that religious faith shouldn’t stop people from being who they are. Our Faith group is for LGBT+ young people who are struggling to be themselves within their faith community. It’s a safe space for LGBT+ young people from all faith backgrounds to meet like-minded people, get advice for any issues they are facing and even connect with faith communities that are fully accepting of people who are LGBT+.

Find out more (including information about how to get involved).

Under-12s group

It’s normal for children to have questions about their gender identity – and we want to help you support them to find answers that make sense for who they are. Our Under-12s group is a safe and supportive space for 8 to 12-year-olds and their families. These are places they can ask questions, make friends and have fun. We don’t believe any child should look or act a certain way, whatever their gender, and we’re here to help families give them the confidence to be who they are.

Find out more (including information about how to get involved).

Youth of Colour group

LGBT+ young people from ethnically diverse backgrounds can face additional struggles in exploring their sexual orientation and gender identity. Our Youth of Colour group helps them celebrate every aspect of who they are. It’s a safe space for LGBT+ young people from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds to make friends, share experiences and get advice for any issues they are facing.

Find out more (including information about how to get involved).

About The BeYou Project

Our BeYou service helps LGBT+ young people with exploring their identity, coming out and family relationships. Staff draw on personal experience to offer advice, guidance and support that young people might struggle to find elsewhere in Kent.

It also works with families, carers and professionals (such as school staff) who know a young person that has come out as LGBT+ or is questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, and have questions of their own or feel unsure about how to react.

Porchlight runs The BeYou Project because LGBT+ young people are disproportionately affected by homelessness. By putting the right support in place, we can ensure they feel included, have positive mental health and a bright future.