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New government funding can help with the most complex cases of homelessness

It will benefit those who struggle to leave the streets behind

The government has pledged an extra £236 million to tackle rough sleeping.

The money will be used to provide specialist Housing First accommodation to help people move off the streets.

This will benefit rough sleepers who have very complex needs and find it difficult to engage with typical homelessness services, instead ending up on the streets for long periods of time.

We know the Housing First model of support works because we introduced it to Kent and have seen its success first-hand.

We’ll continue working in partnership with councils and other charities to ensure that people are given all the help they need to overcome the trauma of homelessness and rebuild their lives.

The government has also announced a review into the causes of homelessness. It will find that the cost of living has become unaffordable for many people.

To address this, the government must build more social housing, clamp down on unaffordable rent prices, and make sure that benefits designed to help vulnerable people actually cover the true cost of living.