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Our mission for a fairer society

We're committed to fighting injustice and intolerance

Today, prime minister Boris Johnson launched a review to look at all aspects of inequality.

We believe that Porchlight can be a powerful force for good, bringing together our communities and the individuals within them, so that hatred and injustice have no place in our society.

This is reflected in our organisational vision – ‘to strive for a fairer society where vulnerable people find stability, the most excluded are included, and where homelessness and poverty are things of the past’ – and in our value of ‘inclusiveness’.

Last year, we commissioned an independent review into race equality and diversity, and advancement and recruitment opportunities within Porchlight. The assessors made a number of suggestions for improvement but overall found us to be a supportive organisation which promotes equality of opportunity alongside dignity and respect.

But there is always more to be done and we're committed to building on our understanding. Our mission is to change people’s lives for the better and as part of that, we will continue to fight for a fairer society and to condemn injustice and intolerance.