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People living in poverty forgotten in government's spending review

Our response to the chancellor's statement

Where was the help for people living in poverty in the government’s spending review?

In Kent alone, 3,000 households are facing a mental health and housing emergency that could push them towards homelessness.

More and more people are having to choose between paying rent, paying bills or putting food on the table.

The spending review offered them no extra help.

When the pandemic began, Universal Credit payments were temporarily raised by £20 a week. We hoped the raise would be made permanent but it’s currently set to end in April - despite the fact so many people are now claiming Universal Credit.

We also need the government to invest in support for vulnerable people so the homelessness and mental health organisations like Porchlight can be there for anyone who slips through the cracks.

We understand that the country is facing enormous financial challenges, but now is the time to ensure that people who are already struggling to get by are not pushed further into poverty by this crisis.