Kev's story: the difference supported housing made

"I knew if I needed anything, they were there to help"

When Kev reached out to Porchlight, he’d been sofa surfing for three months after being evicted from his home. He was struggling and had nowhere else to turn.

“Sofa surfing was hard,” he says, “I felt uncomfortable and had no privacy. Some of the places had bed bugs. It wasn’t clean or safe.”

Kev approached the local council for help, and they referred him to us.

We found Kev a place in our supported accommodation and gave him emotional support that allowed him to begin trusting people again.

How supported housing works

In our housing people can get support for any issues they might be facing. They could be struggling with issues such as mental or physical ill health, trauma related to past experiences or problems with drugs or alcohol.

With the safety and security of their own front door, along with personalised support, people feel empowered to take control of their lives.

Everyone there was so friendly. I felt better straight away.

Gaining independence

Kev said: “I knew that if I needed anything I could go and speak to someone, and they’d help.”

He spent two Christmases in our housing. “Last year the staff cooked us Christmas dinner. There was a good atmosphere. The year before we were all given hampers. Porchlight made it special.”

Kev gained confidence and new skills during his time with us, but he needed his independence. When the time was right, we were there to support him to move into his own place.

“Porchlight helped such a lot. They arranged a removal van to help move me in and gave me a fridge and a cooker for my kitchen so I could cook for myself.”

He’s now happy and settled in his home and says having his own place feels “absolutely brilliant”. After being given the right support, he’s thriving and enjoying life.

Kev says our help has made a huge difference. “If Porchlight hadn’t picked me up and helped me out, I’d be on the streets.”

If you, or someone you are working with, are experiencing problems with housing or your mental health you can find more information about Porchlight's range of services here.