Mental health and wellbeing services

We help health and social care professionals support people they're working with

This directory is for professionals who are seeking mental health or wellbeing support for someone they're working with.

  • Some services help people to address social factors - such as housing issues, debt and isolation - that may be impacting on their mental health
  • Other services help people to better manage their mental health needs and personal recovery
  • One service supports people with their physical health needs

(We also are commissioned by Kent County Council and the NHS Integrated Care Board to co-lead Live Well Kent & Medway, a network of organisations that help people to manage their mental health, build confidence, meet others, get better skills or find a job. But if you are a GP or other healthcare professional, please refer to directory below. There is also have a leaflet you can download, print and give to people you are working with.)

Finally, if you are looking for services that help people with poor mental health to find employment, click here. If you are seeking mental health-related support for young people, click here.

Support for social factors affecting a person's mental health

Help for people to find support for all the issues they're facing (mental health link service)

Help for people (17+) to manage their mental health and address any other issues they are facing (physical health, housing issues, finding employment, loneliness). We provide one-to-one support and also help clients access other services in their area. This service can work with people for up to eight weeks. It can also be a gateway to other services in the Live Well Kent & Medway network of organisations.

To find out more or refer someone:

Help for people to maintain a tenancy and regain independence (mental health community housing service)

This service is for people (17+) with a mental health diagnosis whose primary need is mental health support and maintaining their tenancy. We provide recovery-focused support (managing mental health, maintaining a tenancy, developing independent living skills, budgeting, accessing community support, getting into volunteering, training or work) for up to 20 weeks.

Accommodation and recovery-focused support (mental health housing-realted support service)

This service is for people (18+) whose primary need is mental health support. The accommodation we provide lasts for up to two years. While people are there, they get support to manage their mental health, maintain a tenancy, develop independent living skills, and get into volunteering, training or work. Referrals must be made by a professional and the client should normally have a connection to the local area. We recommend that you contact us before making a referral to find out about availability. Our staff will also be happy to have an informal discussion about the support we offer and service criteria.

Mental health recovery services

Support for people recovering from severe mental illness (mental health recovery service)

For people (18+) who have experienced severe mental illness and require longer-term recovery support. We also help address social factors (housing issues, financial difficulties, social isolation) that are affecting someone’s mental health. Support lasts for up to six months and we accept referrals from health and social care professionals and voluntary sector organisations.

(When someone is referred to Porchlight, their needs will be assessed to this service is right for them. In some cases, we may need to request additional information about a client.)