Work, health, learning and skills services

Work, health, learning and skills

This directory is for professionals who are seeking work, health, learning or skills support for someone they're working with.

Community meet-ups for socialising and getting support
(Porchlight Open Door service)

Weekly meet-ups in the community where anyone aged 18+ can go to enjoy a hot meal, socialise, take part in group activities and get help with any issues they are facing from Porchlight and other statutory / voluntary organisations. The meet-ups allow people to build connections, gain confidence and access the right support. Wi-fi and food is available, there are room where people ca go to talk confidentially, and we run a women-only space in Folkestone.

Employment support
(work, health and learning team)

We have specialist advisers who help people to find employment opportunities. If someone wants to work but doesn't feel ready, we can also help them to build confidence, access any relevant training and develop their skills. Our employment support, which is a mixture of one-to-one and group work, is tailored to each individual person's needs.

Bringing support organisations together to benefit communities
(Space to Connect)

Loneliness and isolation are serious problems, not just for individuals but for communities. We're looking to form an alliance of partner organisations who can join us to look at ways to address some of these challenges by identifying local spaces that could be opened up to community use. We hold face-to-face and online meetings to carry out this work.

Involving our clients in the way Porchlight is run
(Involvement service)

For our services to be of real benefit, we must involve the people that use them. We promote joint working and decision making with our clients at all levels of the organisation, including: the co-development of new services and evaluation of / improvements to existing services. We encourage clients to share their lived experience to drive forward our work so that it benefits all involved.