Government proposes more rights and protections for renters

The Renters Reform Bill is finally being introduced to parliament

Today, the government will introduce a bill to give more rights and protections to people who rent their home.

The Renters Reform Bill will ban no-fault evictions, make it illegal for landlords to ban people with children or who are on benefits, and give tenants the legal right to request a pet in their home. It will also give landlords more power to repossess properties from anti-social tenants - a move we must ensure doesn't negatively impact vulnerable people.

If this bill is passed it has the potential to be an important step for millions of people across the country who rent their homes. We look forward to examining it in more detail to better understand the changes it could bring to the rental sector.

The effect of bringing in new laws would make a big difference to many people we work with. We hear from lots of desperate renters who are worried about becoming homeless. The stress of living this way is also impacting their mental health, fuelling cases of anxiety and depression. If implemented correctly, the Renters Reform Bill could address many of these issues.

Of course, there are many other issues that still need to be fixed. Rental costs are skyrocketing and thousands of families are forced to rent properties they can barely afford. Many people, some of whom are in work, rely on housing benefit to keep a roof over their head but it's not covering the basic cost of living (benefit levels haven’t been increased since 2020). The situation is being compounded by this country's drastic lack of affordable housing.

Ultimately, everyone deserves somewhere safe and secure to call home. The Renters Reform Bill could play an important part towards this and we must continue pushing for the government to ensure it has renters' best interests at heart and is introduced into law.