Kent County Council proposing to cut homelessness support

Kent Homeless Connect could be decommissioned later this year

Kent County Council’s proposal to cut homelessness support would be a devastating blow for people who are in desperate need of help.

The council is considering plans to decommission its Kent Homeless Connect service, delivered by Porchlight and other organisations, in September 2022.

Kent Homeless Connect provides specialist housing-related care and support for some of the most vulnerable people in society. For many, it’s the only lifeline they have left.

With the pandemic and cost of living crisis pushing Kent residents to breaking point, it’s a service that is needed more than ever.

We know Kent County Council faces some very difficult decisions to balance its budget, but here at Porchlight we’re seeing a rise in the number of people with very complex support needs who need specialist homelessness provision.

Central government, which funds Kent County Council, has to understand that homelessness services need long-term, sustainable funding if we’re going to meet this growing need. We need more homelessness support, not less.

Porchlight will continue to fight this proposal, doing everything we can to show Kent County Council the human cost of cutting this service. We’ll also be seeking to influence transition plans for Kent Homeless Connect clients if the service is brought to an end, pushing to make sure that their housing and support needs continue to be fully met.

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