Housing First can break the cycle of homelessness

It's helping people with the most complex needs

Our Housing First scheme is helping to break the cycle of homelessness among people with the most complex needs.

We've produced a report into the scheme, which is about supporting people with entrenched homelessness who often struggle to engage with typical support services.

It's been two years since we brought the Housing First scheme to Kent in partnership with Maidstone Borough Council and Golding Homes. It has allowed people with a long history of rough sleeping to remain in tenancies so they can begin rebuilding their lives.

With plans to bring Housing First to other parts of Kent, our report shows just how effective it is as a solution for rough sleeping.

I’ve seen people build homes, establish healthy relationships with their families, I’ve seen people’s mental and physical health improve

How Housing First works

Under Housing First, people are moved straight into a home of their own with no conditions placed on them to change.

With stable accommodation and wraparound support they will, in their own time, start to recover and make positive choices about how they live their life.

Our Housing First scheme in Maidstone has intensively supported 10 people who have multiple complex needs and have experienced rough sleeping on more than one occasion.

  • So far, everyone has maintained their tenancy and not returned to rough sleeping
  • Everyone has experienced improvements in their physical health
  • For every £1 spent on this project, there has been a saving of £13.24 to the state (on the cost of A&E visits, inpatient care, police interventions, etc).

You can read an overview of our report here


Stability after 17 years: David's story

David moved in with a 17-year history of rough sleeping and long-term drug and alcohol use.

After 18 months of living in his home, David has reconnected with his family. He is receiving benefits and paying his own bills.

David has addressed his dependence problems and has stopped committing crime. He has engaged with physical and mental health services and is getting the treatment and support he needs. He's starting to live independently and wants to work in the building trade.

Launching more Housing First schemes in Kent

Our report proves that a Housing First approach to homelessness can ensure nobody on the streets is left behind.

We're currently working on similar Housing First schemes in Dover and Thanet. We're also committed to continuing our work with Maidstone Borough Council and Golding Homes so that people in the Maidstone area continue to benefit from this important scheme.