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United Nations says government is causing homelessness and poverty

We hope this damning UN report is a wake up call to our MPs

A new report by the United Nations poverty envoy blames government policies for increasing homelessness, poverty and inflicting misery on everyday people. We respond:

Porchlight works with victims of austerity every day. Some have been made homeless, others are living in poverty... all are struggling to survive.

For years, we have been telling central government that its austerity programme is ruining vulnerable people's lives.

We hope that this damning United Nations report opens the government’s eyes to the cruelty of its political agenda.

The report makes mentions of (but is not limited to):

  • Rising homelessness
  • More people trapped in poverty
  • Growing use of food banks
  • Misery caused by Universal Credit
  • The toll this is taking on people’s mental health.

It’s time for the government to understand that this can’t go on. We’ll continue speaking out for those who don’t have a voice and fighting for a future where homelessness and poverty are things of the past.