Bob's story: “People have life experience to bring to the table"

He's a former client who's giving a voice to people we support

Input from the people who use our services makes us better at what we do. It’s why we have an involvement service - to give Porchlight clients a seat at the table, and a meaningful say in how the charity operates.

Bob is part of our involvement team. He's a former client who now volunteers with our involvement team in an administrative role. He finds opportunities for people we’re currently supporting to have their say too.

“They have life experience to bring to the table,” he explains. “It also makes people feel needed and their wellbeing grows.”

When Bob was a Porchlight client, he took part in our involvement scheme. It allowed him to sit on job interview panels and groups that help steer the direction of our work.

“It was such a confidence boost. I had recently been at the bottom of the pit, but now I was sitting on job interview panels, helping Porchlight to recruit the best people – people with empathy for the clients."

You can’t put a value on how much that experience boosts your confidence and feeling of wellbeing

Bob is passionate about giving others the same opportunity.

“I really enjoy seeing people after they’ve taken part in our involvement opportunities. They’re always happy and have a cup half-full mentality, even if they weren’t in a good place beforehand.”

The majority of Bob’s work to date has been online because of the pandemic. Now, he’s looking forward to meeting clients face-to-face.

“I think more organisations could benefit from having this person-centred approach to doing things because it gets the best out of everyone involved.”