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Ending housing benefit discrimination

The government wants to stop this unfair treatment

For too long, landlords have been able to turn away people on housing benefit. Today saw a significant step towards ending this unfair and damaging practice.

The government has called for the end of housing advertisements which specify ‘No DSS’ tenants.

It’s a big step… and it needs to backed up with big actions.

We see lots of vulnerable people turned away just because they needed a helping hand – in the form of benefits - to leave homelessness behind for good. It sends the message: don’t be poor, don’t have a mental health problem, and don’t have a history of homelessness.

Government plans to stop this discrimination is welcome news. But in order to be effective, laws must be put in place to prevent it from happening again.

Of course, Porchlight is also willing to explore housing options with private sector landlords (both large and small) to see how we can support them and the people we are trying to rehouse in the community.