Life after lockdown: help with housing, mental health, money and more

An update from the Porchlight team

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is impacting all of us. It can feel more difficult to cope with the pressures in life, but we want you to know that help is available.

We can help if you are facing multiple pressures, or if your mental or physical  health is making it hard for you to access the support you need. We offer services for adults of all ages, and some for young people too.

As well as the help we offer if someone is living on the streets, we can also help with a range of other things.

Here are 5 of the main things we help with:

1. Housing

If you’re looking to find out what housing help you can get, there is a range of information and resources on the Porchlight website to help you get started. There’s information for if you are facing losing your home. You’ll also find details on who can make a homelessness application and when to make one. This includes if you are living in temporary accommodation, at risk of abuse in your home or living in poor conditions. There’s also information to help you budget and contact your landlord if you’re struggling with rent payments. Read more here.

2. Mental health and wellbeing

The impact coronavirus is having on daily life may be affecting your mental health or wellbeing. You may be concerned about how it could affect your health or the health of your family or friends. You may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or low mood. Pressures like losing a job or home, physical health problems or money worries can also affect your mental wellbeing – leaving you feeling alone. All of our mental health services are running, and there is a choice of ways to access free support anywhere in Kent. Read more here.

3. Money and essentials

The government has announced a range of measures to help if you are struggling financially because of the coronavirus outbreak. This information is being regularly updated. If you are in need of food and essentials, there is also a list of food banks currently operating in Kent. Read more here.

4. Employment

If you are unemployed and feel that your mental health is holding you back, or you have lost your job and you’re finding it hard to cope with the other pressures mounting up to - to do with housing, or benefits - we can help. Porchlight runs a range of services for adults and young people where you can get help to learn new skills, access training and volunteering, or gain qualifications. There is also support available for finding and holding down a job, job applications and going to job interviews, building your confidence and regaining your independence. Read more here.

5. Loneliness or feeling isolated

You may be having to contend with spending a lot of time at home by yourself or worried about going out and being around other people. This could include going in to work or back to school. If you are an LGBT+ young person, you may feeling cut off from support networks you usually have like friends or teachers. Porchlight can help in a range of ways, including face-to-face meetings, virtual groups, by email or phone. Read more.

Who we can help, and how to get in touch

Porchlight’s services are designed to help if you are facing multiple pressures, or if your mental or physical health is making it hard for you to access the support you need.

We have a range of general advice and information on our website on these, and other topics here. We recommend this as a good place to start.