Renters could get more rights under new government proposals

We must make sure the Renters Reform Bill is passed into law

Renters could finally be protected from unfair evictions and substandard housing, under new government plans.

The long overdue Renters Reform Bill must be passed into law unchanged and as soon as possible. The bill would:

  • ban 'no-fault' evictions, one of the single biggest causes of homelessness
  • require landlords to keep homes safe and in a good state of repair
  • allow tenants to challenge unjustified rent increases
  • prevent blanket bans on renters who have children or are receiving benefits
  • allow tenants to leave poor quality housing without being liable for remaining rent.

With renters hit hardest by the rising costs of living, improving their rights and conditions is critical in preventing a growing homelessness crisis. We must make sure this bill becomes law so that tenants get more safety and security.