'We're in': campaign to end homelessness in a decade

15 June 2018

We're in - campaign to end homelessness in a decade

It’s a scandal that homelessness still exists in the UK.

That’s why we’re backing a major new plan by Crisis to end homelessness in Britain for good. It sets out measures that could end homelessness in a decade.

We're already pushing forward with one of the solutions recommended in the report. We'll be launching a Housing First project in Kent very soon. It will allow us to quickly move people who are experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing where they can then receive additional support for their needs.

Porchlight is among hundreds of homelessness and housing organisations that are supporting Crisis in the fight to end homelessness. We all have the same mission – to work towards a future where charities like ours are no longer needed.

But it won’t be easy and homelessness organisations can only do so much.

The government must also be persuaded to make major changes to welfare reform, benefit sanctions and the woeful lack of truly affordable housing. 

Ending homelessness doesn’t mean no-one will ever lose their home again. It means that it rarely happens and there are quick solutions when it does.

It’s a huge challenge but ‘we’re in’. Homelessness isn’t inevitable and by working together, we can reach a point where everybody can live with dignity and respect and have a safe place to call home.