Nigel's story: "Things are turning around for me now"

We're helping him take back control

This story is about our Live Well Kent service. It helps people manage their mental health and physical or emotional wellbeing before things reach crisis point.

If you’re feeling worried or struggling with your mental health, it’s important to talk to someone. When we don't talk, problems can spiral out of control, leading to loneliness and isolation.

That’s why we’re telling people: you can talk to us. We can help you overcome these all-too-common feelings so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

Nigel's story

Nigel, 59, is one of the people to receive such help. We haven’t been supporting him for long, but his life is already starting to improve.

When Nigel contacted us, living with physical health conditions had affected his confidence so much that he’d given up on socialising. He had barely left his flat in six months.

“I didn’t go out apart from to get my shopping and tended to shy away from people. My self-esteem had dropped and I became more and more isolated.”

When Nigel reached out to us, we assigned him a Live Well Kent support worker who got to understand his situation better.

She was able to suggest a number of ways in which we could help, and support Nigel as he took those important first steps towards turning things around.

How we helped

To help Nigel regain his confidence and feel less isolated, we:

  • Arranged for him to have regular sessions with mental health charity North Kent Mind
  • Put him in contact with a Tai Chi health instructor who will help him feel healthier and more positive about himself
  • Helped him to access benefits that he may not have known he was entitled to.

Now Nigel’s confidence has improved so much, he’s even looking to do a computer ‘basics’ course. It is something he’d always fancied but didn’t feel he could get involved with before.

I’m almost feeling back to normal

We’re helping Nigel find a way to start socialising again – at a weekly activity group for people aged 50 and over.

“I’m almost feeling back to normal and I’m really looking forward to taking part in the over-50s group. It’s not something I would have done even a few months ago.

“If someone is feeling lonely and isolated, I would definitely encourage them to contact Live Well Kent. Things are slowly but surely turning around for me now.”