Julie's story: “I wanted to be able to go into a coffee shop but didn’t have the confidence”

We're helping Julie improve her mental health

We’ve been supporting Julie, who struggles with feelings of depression and loneliness, during the lockdown.

“For years, I felt cut off from the world and missed speaking to people but lacked confidence to do so,” she explains. “I wanted to be able to go into a coffee shop but didn’t have the confidence.”

NHS professionals referred Julie to our mental health services which can support people who feel isolated or cut off from others in their community.

How we help

Now, Julie receives weekly video check-ins from her Porchlight support worker Holly: “I have somebody to turn to about what I’m going through and we can work it out together. I might have ups and downs, but it really helps knowing that Holly will be checking in. And I know that when Holly says she will do something it will get done.”

To help Julie with feelings of anxiousness, we gave her a place on one of our virtual anxiety workshops which taught her coping techniques to manage her mental health.

Because we know that feeling connected to others can improve mental health and self-esteem, we have arranged for Porchlight workers to accompany Julie on weekly walks. We’ve also helped her sign up for online activities, including a weekly crochet group.

“The walks and activities really give me something to look forward to,” she says.

A brighter future

Julie is now feeling more optimistic about the future. The winter lockdown has made recovery difficult, but she is confident of achieving her coffee shop goal and more because of the ongoing support she’s getting from Porchlight.

“If someone is struggling like I was, I’d encourage them to reach out to Porchlight. They’re so understanding and get things done. I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

To find out about our mental health services, click here.

If you would prefer to talk through how Porchlight can help, you can call our helpline free on 0800 567 7699.

If you are in emotional distress and need urgent help the Release the Pressure team in Kent is also available 24/7. You can text the word KENT to 85258 or call 0800 107 0160