Rosalie's story: "I feel like I have direction again"

With the help of our Aspirations service, she found her ideal job

After relocating during the pandemic, Rosalie felt lonely and directionless. With the help of our Aspirations service, she’s now thriving in a job she loves and is looking forward to the future.

In late February 2020, Rosalie moved alone from London to Rochester. She’d recently suffered a bereavement and wanted a fresh start. She didn’t know anyone in the area but was hopeful she’d get to know people quickly.

A few weeks later, the country went into lockdown for the first time.

“I didn’t expect to feel so isolated” she says, “I felt very down and alone. I had no one to talk to.”

After searching online for local support services, Rosalie learned about our Aspirations service.

“I wanted to work. I wasn’t used to not working and I wanted a job to keep me occupied and help me put down roots.”

After giving us a call, she was referred to Lisa from our Aspirations service for support with her employment and wellbeing.

Our Aspirations service aims to reach people who aren't working and are geographically or socially isolated. Our coaches work with people to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve their opportunities, and help raise self-esteem.

Rosalie met Lisa for a chat and a coffee, describing her as “so helpful”.

She helped me prepare myself for employment, but she was also there to talk through other problems I was having. I looked forward to meeting with her every week.

Rosalie was supported by Lisa for about a year, during which time she helped build her confidence. “It’d been a long time since I’d applied for jobs, and I was rusty. It was daunting. But Lisa was patient and understanding, and we talked everything though.”

Some days they worked together on practical activities like CV writing and mock interviews, others they just talked.

Eventually, a job came up that Rosalie knew she’d enjoy, as a passenger assistant on a school bus for children with autism. She’d previously seen it advertised but hadn’t applied and later regretted it, so it felt like fate.

“I knew it was the job for me. I was afraid, but I went for it anyway.”

At the interview, the recruiting manager suggested that Rosalie might be more suited to a driver position. She accepted and has been in the role for a couple of months. “I love my job” she says, “It was the right decision. I know this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Since she started working, Rosalie feels like everything else has fallen into place. “I have direction again.”

“Lisa has been absolutely fab; she was right there when I needed her. I couldn’t have done this without Porchlight and its Aspirations service.”